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Daily Combination/Oily Towelettes
I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this product! It has helped my skin clear up so much! It is not as oily, and without over drying! Thanks!
krwasson1 | 1/15/2011 12:25:37 AM
Daily Exfoliating Pads
I love it, my skin feels lovely, it doesn't feel dried out, which happens with so many other cleansing and exfoliating products. And such a cute, convenient packet, easy for travel
Christine | 11/23/2010 6:53:13 PM
Daily Dry/Sensitive Skin Towelettes
thank you so much for getting rid of the fragrance and changing the texture of the towelettes! before these modifications i would've rated this product 3-stars but now it's pretty much perfect. i love the gentleness and that they are not sticky. i'm looking forward to trying some of your other products.
redlucite | 11/5/2010 6:38:03 PM
Daily Combination/Oily Towelettes
I been using these wipes for a long time- I love them!! love the scent!!
Claudette | 10/28/2010 10:18:04 AM
Daily Combination/Oily Towelettes
These are exactly the kind of facial cleaner I have been searching for and I found them by accident. Natural and in a wipe form cause Im lazy at night alot of times to fully waSH my face ..The fact that it also has tea-tree oil for my acne prone skin is an added bonus! If you are in Canada, I found these @ Winners ..the locations with the beauty/skincare department.
Diana | 10/28/2010 12:12:13 AM
Daily Combination/Oily Towelettes
I love these! Tea tree oil is as good as benzoyl peroxide for fighting acne. These are excellent both before bed and after waking (if you're running too late to wash!) Helps balance the complexion. Light scent!
jak | 10/21/2010 1:24:44 PM
Daily Dry/Sensitive Skin Towelettes
Great product!
Natures boy | 8/30/2010 12:20:32 PM
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